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Helping you with financial forecasting and a healthy wealth prognosis

Our role is to help people feel better about their finances

We specialise in helping professionals and small business owners


Prognosis Wealth is forecasting the likely outcome of any financial situation.  Our primary focus is connecting with people and articulating what our forecasting means in terms of our clients living their best life possible.  We aim to have our clients both “eat well and sleep well”.

In medical terms the emergency department triages the most urgent areas of concern to find out whether you need to worry or not. An elective assessment or treatment is a little more planned and holistic.

At Prognosis Wealth we offer both financial advice solutions based on what you need or can afford right now. Our triage or meaningful fact-finding discussion leads to assisting you to recover, meet goals, flourish or commence your journey on experiencing all of these financial milestones.


There are some myths in Financial Planning and that is that you need money or be in control of your cash flow before you see a Financial Adviser, not true.

These are the core areas that we specialise in and how we offer the greatest value to professionals and small business owners.

Not knowing how to manage cash flow is one of the primary reasons why people seek advice but it’s also why professional people don’t seek advice, they feel frustrated or disappointed that they are unable to reach their full potential.

Our role is to help people feel better about this journey.

Our Advisers are CFP qualified, what does
this mean?

Members explain what STEP 'best practice'
is all about.

STEP is the worldwide professional association for practitioners dealing with family wealth.


Focuses on what you want to achieve out of life and having the money at the right time to live and enjoy your best life possible.

We like to do this by putting in place an agreed plan, then project managing that plan, including ensuring you are protected from the risk of some of those unplanned financial emergencies.   We believe that through implementing a sound financial heath plan, should any of those emergencies eventuate that you will be well placed to keep moving forward.

People often have different advice needs based on age or stage of life. Our advice when coupled with our ongoing service ensures that we establish a trusted partnership with you.


At Prognosis Wealth Management, we understand the importance of aligning your advice goals to an ongoing review, as it’s really important there is follow-up care, post advice, to help you achieve your lifestyle goals.  

This is akin to a regular check-up to ensure your any risks to your financial well-being are recognized and treated as early as possible.



Neil McPherson

0413 740 507

Neil is a passionate adviser, that bring a diverse range of skills and life experience to the table and treats his clients with respect, caring about what his clients want to achieve in their lives.

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Our Community

Reflecting Neil's keen interest and commitment to the the “for purpose” sector, he serves on the Foundation and Community Committee of a leading private school, in a non-advisory capacity.


Working with other professionals

At Prognosis Wealth, we believe in focusing on what we specialise in and refer aligned services to achieve the optimum outcomes for our clients. We have no hesitation in recommending or prioritising any of the following professionals to our clients.

• Accountant
• Legal Advisor
• General insurance.